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The M3App allows faculty to quickly record observations (through typing or dictation) in a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, facilitating the process of gathering information for bi-annual Clinical Competency Committees.
The results of our initial pilot test indicate that the M3app increases both timeliness and quality of feedback for residents. It saves faculty time by making the CCC more efficient and allowing quick point of care documentation. By linking observations to ACGME milestones, the application also aids in faculty development around the milestones. Here are some answers to FAQ’s to help you determine whether M3App is the right fit for your program.

m3 ringsWhat is M3App and why was it created?

M3App (Mobile Medical Milestones) is a user-friendly web-based application that allows residency teaching faculty to enter point-of-observation feedback on resident performance linked to the ACGME competencies and milestones. The purpose of M3App is to allow teaching faculty to record ACGME milestone-specific feedback quickly and accurately; to improve the quality, frequency and efficiency of written evaluations; and to improve faculty and resident understanding to the new ACGME milestones. The reports available in M3App were designed to facilitate Clinical Competency Committee milestones review process. The M3App also was found to aid in faculty development around Milestones.

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What does the M3App look like?

M3App has a button for your smart phone and functions like an app. It is simple in design and has multiple efficiencies built into the system. Here’s a screen shot of the report organization and login. The beauty is in the reporting, which sorts comments by resident by milestone over time.app gif

Try the M3App yourself! Simply go to www.m3app.org and login with the username “m3app@unc.edu” and use the password “milestones” to get a firsthand experience. There are new features with references to Milestones and automated reporting. We’ll send you a sample report if you like!

Does M3App interface with New Innovations, MedHub, MyEvaluations , Evalue, or other electronic evaluation systems?

Not yet. M3App generates a report sorted by milestones sub-competencies, by resident, by time period. This report is sent to residents and advisors and used to facilitate the Clinical Competency Committee Milestones review process. The report is easily uploaded into the broader portfolio in all systems as a PDF. We are exploring the possibility of integrating M3App with other electronic evaluation systems in the future. We have programs using every electronic portfolio available, and this has not been a problem due to the added efficiency and ability to capture in the moment observations.Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 7.23.01 PM

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What other specialties are available?

Currently the M3App is created for Family Medicine and Internal Medicine programs. If there is support and desire, we can translate it to new primary care specialties.

What is the cost for Family Medicine programs to join? 

The M3App is copyrighted to UNC and licensed exclusively to our new non-profit, Mission3. ( www.mission3.org) The cost for initial set-up and faculty development for is $3000, with an annual fee of ~$1000 beginning the following year (slight variations depending on the size of program). With set up, your program gets your own administrative site, set up support, a webinar for core faculty development, faculty development materials, and additional faculty development that happens from use of the app as well as additional webinars prn (up to 3). The funds help cover our server/data fees, technical support, and administrative overhead. You also get to be part of an exciting movement and to learn from other programs using the app.

What Makes M3App Unique? 

M3App is designed to be significantly more efficient and user friendly than traditional evaluation systems and it sorts comments by milestone to facilitate the work of the CCC. It is narrative-driven and has no ratings. This allows programs to capitalize on best practices in evaluation – to make it timely and behavior specific. It also allows programs to engage faculty in multiple settings to allow them to give comments and input even if they do not know much about specific milestones. M3App engages residents to take part in their own education and ASK faculty for documentation of milestones. It can also be used for peer, nursing, and staff comments to aid in 360 evaluations.

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Mission3 is an educational non-profit spin out of the University of North Carolina. UNC owns the copyrighted M3App, which is licensed exclusively to Mission3 for dissemination. Through Mission3, we aspire to motivate, mentor, and matter to the greater good. Check out our placeholder website at www.mission3.org for more information! Join us in our effort to raise the bar through technology in medical education!

Email info@mission3.org to join our group!


M3App 2.0 – New Features

We love the feedback we get from the M3 community and have added a few new features for everyone to enjoy.

  • Automated reporting for residents monthly
  • Peer feedback for residents and medical student peer education
  • Updated FAQs
  • Milestones sub-competency detailed pop-out window

If you have any questions about these or other features please reach out to info@mission3.org.

Happy observing!

Introducing M3App!

Welcome to the informational site for the Mobile Medical Milestones Application (M3App)! The University of North Carolina Department of Family Medicine has developed an easy-to-use web-based application to assist with the documentation of the new ACGME Family Medicine Milestones. Eight North Carolina family medicine residency programs are currently participating in the Phase 1 pilot and evaluation of the M3App.

                                   M3App Pilot Programs

Phase I of M3App went live on July 1, 2014. If you would like more information on M3App or are interested in participating in Phase 2 in 2015, please contact us at m3app@unc.edu!